Ottawa, January 4 2021

Canadian Judicial Council announces Hearings into the conduct of the Honourable Gérard Dugré

The Canadian Judicial Council announced today next steps in the public inquiry regarding the conduct of the Honourable Justice Gérard Dugré.   The Inquiry Committee, composed of the Honourable Marc Richard (Chairperson), the Honourable Louise Charbonneau and Ms. Audrey Boctor, partner with IMK Advocates, will proceed with hearings into the judge`s conduct over three consecutive weeks beginning 18 January 2021, in Montreal.

On 23 December 2020, the Inquiry Committee released its decision and reasons on various preliminary issues heard earlier that month. Specifically, the Committee ordered in camera hearings for parts of the proceedings and the redaction of portions of some documents, in order to protect the identity of family court participants. The Committee also released additional directives relating to administrative aspects of the upcoming proceedings. 

Local public health measures will be respected. Accredited media who wish to attend are to communicate directly with the Canadian Judicial Council Director of Communications.

In July 2020, the Inquiry Committee heard various preliminary arguments, including a request by the judge to stay the proceedings pending the outcome of judicial review applications; jurisdictional questions relating to the authority of the Council; questions relating to procedural fairness; and others relating to the Notice of Allegations and the evidence to be presented.  The reasons for decision on those preliminary issues were delivered on November 17, 2020.

All documents, including the Notice of Allegations, can be found on the Inquiries section of the Council website:

Information about the Council and its mandate, including its work in conducting public inquiries into a judge's conduct, can be found on Council's website at

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