Ottawa, November 20 2013

Update about the Inquiry Committee Regarding Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas

Ottawa, 20 November 2013 –The members of the Inquiry Committee appointed to review a matter involving Associate Chief Justice Douglas have announced their resignation, effective immediately. The Committee has released reasons for its decision, which are available on the website of the Canadian Judicial Council. In its reasons, the Inquiry Committee notes a number of factors that led to its decision, and notes that the public interest would not be served by ongoing delays, public expenditures and uncertainty about the process itself.

Currently, the Federal Court is scheduled to hear a challenge from Associate Chief Justice Douglas about a number of issues. Some questions remain about whether these proceedings will go ahead as planned.

Council's mandate and duty is to ensure that the review of allegations against the judge can proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Judges Act and with Council's By-laws in a fair and expeditious manner, in keeping with the public interest. In due course, another inquiry committee may be appointed in respect of Associate Chief Justice Douglas.

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
(613) 288-1566 ext 302

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