The role of lawyers

The role of lawyers is to guide their clients through the judicial system. They may help them reach a settlement in a case, in full respect of the laws in effect.

A multi-faceted profession

All lawyers must be "called to the Bar" and be members in good standing of their professional corporation. However, lawyers can practice their profession in a variety of ways. Some act as advisors in legal disputes, within corporations, governmental organizations or other workplaces. Others choose to focus on defending their clients' interests in court. Their task will be to present the facts to the judge, taking into account the laws, judicial procedures and evidence gathered.

In addition to representing their clients in court, when necessary, lawyers also offer advice to their clients, do legal research and draft legal documents.

Please note that the Council is not responsible for regulating the legal profession; this is the responsibility of the provincial bar to which each lawyer belongs.

Why consult a lawyer?

If you have a dispute with another person, you can consult a lawyer who may inform you of the legal implications and any possible repercussions, according to the laws. Following their advice, you will be able to determine how you wish to proceed to resolve the dispute according to the law.

If the dispute is not settled amicably and goes to court, your lawyer can represent you in court. This is not mandatory, as anyone can represent themselves in court. However, the advice of a lawyer could be of great benefit to anyone given their expertise in law and their vast knowledge of the legal process.