Ottawa, ON, November 22 2019

Update on Ethical Principles for Judges

Update on Ethical Principles for Judges

Ottawa, 22 November 2019 - Council has been engaged, over several months, in a review of Ethical Principles for Judges, a seminal publication which provides a framework about the ethical obligations of all judges.

A public consultation revealed clear support for the existing key principles of integrity, equality, diligence and impartiality while indicating the need for guidance on new and emerging issues such as post-retirement return to practice and the use of social media.   A report with those results can be accessed here: Report on Public Consultations.

Discussions were also held with the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics, the Federation of Law Societies, and a number of other representatives of the legal profession and academia.

Council’s Independence Committee, with the assistance of subject experts, has reviewed all submissions and suggestions received and has been preparing a revised version of Ethical Principles for Judges. This month, Council has shared a draft version of the Principles, with the goal of producing a final version in the Spring of 2020.

Stay tuned for updates on this important initiative!

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