Ottawa, March 7 2019

Public Consultation on Ethical Principles for Judges

Ottawa, 7 March 2019 –The Canadian Judicial Council is inviting the public to provide their views about the ethical obligations of superior court judges in Canada.

The time is right to embark on a review of Council’s Ethical Principles for Judges, a pivotal resource for the judiciary and Council’s most popular publication.

Council’s Ethical Principles for Judges provides guidance to judges and the public alike. While many principles remain fundamental, the conversation about the scope of ethical obligations continues. Judicial mediation, participation in community activities, case management, self-represented litigants, professional development are all areas that remain challenging. The use of the internet, particularly social media, is also an issue that raises new, important questions.

“As society evolves, so do the ethical issues that judges sometimes face,” noted Chief Justice Richard Wagner, Council’s Chairperson. “Since taking office, I have taken steps to enhance transparency about Council’s work and I am pleased to launch a public consultation exercise about Ethical Principles for Judges.”

All Canadians are invited to review a Background Paper regarding this important review and to complete the on-line survey about Ethical Principles and provide Council with any other relevant comments or submissions. Input received during this consultation exercise will greatly assist Council in ensuring revised Ethical Principles reflect public expectations about judges. 

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
(613) 288-1566 ext 313

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