Ottawa, March 28 2002

Council modifies position on cameras in the courts

OTTAWA, March 28, 2002 - The Canadian Judicial Council has modified its stand on televising court proceedings, emphasizing that its concern is with the impact on trial proceedings, not courts of appeal. Many Council members remain concerned about the potential impact television may have on witnesses, jurors and trial court proceedings generally.

At its midyear meeting Wednesday, the Council concluded a formal review of a position – first stated in 1983 – that TV in the courts "is not in the best interests of the administration of justice." This position was amended in 1994 to make clear that it was a recommendation which did not apply to the Supreme Court of Canada, and Wednesday's decision now exempts all appellate courts.

The 39-member Canadian Judicial Council is made up of the leaders of the courts across Canada whose members are federally appointed. It is chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada, who did not take part in the discussion or decision of the Council in view of the fact that a case on the subject is before the Supreme Court of Canada.


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Executive Director
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