Ottawa, March 14 2022

Council members note with sadness the passing of the Honourable Eva Petras

The members of the Canadian Judicial Council were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the Honourable Eva Petras, Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec.

Associate Chief Justice Petras was a respected member of the Canadian Judicial Council since 2015. Chief Justice Wagner, Chairperson of the Council, praised Associate Chief Justice Petras for her humanity, her grace and her devotion to justice:  “Eva served her country with great distinction and displayed empathy and compassion not only for those around her, but also for those who appeared before her.  We will miss her wisdom as well as her friendship”.

Chief Justice Fournier added: “Eva was kind, bright, humble and dignified. I will deeply miss my good friend.”

Associate Chief Justice Petras’ work on the Council, particularly in the areas of judicial conduct and judicial education, was noteworthy and was undertaken always with a view to enhancing public confidence.  Most recently, she worked to develop clear principles for collaboration to allow Council members to engage in open, respectful and productive dialogue.  In this regard, Associate Chief Justice Petras has left an enduring legacy of teamwork and trust at the Council table. Her invaluable contribution in this area will remain a source of pride to all her colleagues.



Johanna Laporte
Director of Communications

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