Ottawa, December 19 2022

Canadian Judicial Council recommends that Justice Gérard Dugré be removed from office

Following a public inquiry into the conduct of Justice Gérard Dugré, the Canadian Judicial Council has concluded that the misconduct of the judge has so undermined the public’s confidence in the judiciary, that he is incapable of continuing to fulfill the duties of judge.  The Council is therefore recommending to the Minister of Justice that Justice Dugré be removed from office.  The Council’s Report to the Minister, which includes detailed reasons for the recommendation for removal, can be found here.

Canadians must have confidence in their judges.  When a judge’s conduct diminishes that public confidence, the Canadian Judicial Council must, in accordance with the Judges Act, conduct a full and careful review. Following the report of the Inquiry Committee dated July, 2022 and comments received from the judge, a quorum of 25 Council members met to deliberate.  These Council members agreed with the Inquiry Committee’s findings relating to the judge’s chronic delays in rendering judgements and the intemperate comments and disagreeable attitude he displayed in court.  As such, the Council concluded that Justice Dugré’s conduct is so manifestly and profoundly destructive of the concept of impartiality, integrity and independence of the judicial role, that the public’s confidence in him is sufficiently undermined that he is incapable of executing the judicial office.

In accordance with Canada’s Constitution, a judge may only be removed from office on address of the House of Commons and the Senate. The Council’s mandate, under the Judges Act, is to make a recommendation to the Minister of Justice in that regard.  Information about the Council and its mandate can be found on its website at


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