Ottawa, March 30 2023

Canadian Judicial Council establishes a Review Panel in the matter involving the Honourable Russell Brown

The Canadian Judicial Council provided an update today on the review of a complaint involving Justice Russell Brown.

The Honourable Christopher Hinkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Chairperson of the Council’s Judicial Conduct Committee, has decided to refer the matter to a Judicial Conduct Review Panel. Under the Council’s By-laws, a Review Panel may be established to determine whether an Inquiry Committee is to be constituted, if it determines that a matter might be serious enough to warrant the removal of the judge.

The Review Panel will be composed of five persons of which three are members of the Council, one is a puisne judge and one is a person who is neither a judge nor a member of the bar of a province.

The Council will not comment further on this matter pending the decision of the Review Panel.

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