Ottawa, May 27 2021

Canadian Judicial Council responds to proposed government reforms to the judicial discipline process

The Canadian Judicial Council welcomes the government’s new bill to reform the judicial discipline process, which was tabled in Parliament this past Tuesday. 

“Over the past few years, the Council has consistently called for new legislation to be tabled in order to improve the process by which concerns about judicial conduct are reviewed. The efforts of members of Council to develop proposals in this regard have been fruitful, and we appreciate the openness with which the Minister of Justice has engaged the Council in his consultations”, noted the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada and Council Chairperson.  “While the Council will take some time to carefully review the proposed amendments, we are confident that these reforms will bring about much needed efficiency and transparency to the judicial conduct review process”.                                           

Since the last few years, the Council has on numerous occasions met with the Department of Justice as well as with the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association in order to reform the judicial conduct process, and it is now hoping that the legislation will move forward in a timely way.



Johanna Laporte

Director of Communications

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