Ottawa, May 5 2021

Canadian Judicial Council Publishes New Handbooks for Self-Represented Litigants

The Canadian Judicial Council published today three new informational handbooks for self-represented litigants who are involved in civil, criminal or family litigation procedures. The goal of the handbooks is to help those who are not represented by legal counsel to better prepare for court proceedings, and to provide judges with tools they can recommend to such persons to help them access the courts. 

“Ensuring that self-represented persons are provided with fair access and equal treatment in the courts is more relevant now than ever before,” remarked the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chairperson of the Canadian Judicial Council. “I am confident that these resources will contribute to better access to justice for all Canadians.”

Produced in cooperation with the Judicial Education Society of British Columbia, the handbooks provide procedural guidance on basic civil, criminal and family law, in both English and French. A key feature is the Resources section, relevant to each Canadian jurisdiction, providing information as to how to obtain electronic access to statutes, regulations, and forms.

“The number of persons who represent themselves in court has increased considerably in recent years and continues to grow,” noted Associate Chief Justice John Rooke, lead member of Council on this project. “We hope these resources will provide helpful guidance to all.”

The handbooks are available on the Council website at the following link:



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