Ottawa, April 20 2022

The Canadian Judicial Council notes with sadness the passing of the Honourable Lawrence Poitras

Members of the Canadian Judicial Council were saddened to hear of the passing of their former colleague, the Honourable Lawrence Poitras, who was Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec from 1992 to 1996. Chief Justice Poitras became a member of Council upon his appointment as Associate Chief Justice in 1983 and served with distinction for 13 years. During his time on Council, he was active on many committees including the Executive Committee, the Judicial Conduct Committee, the Judicial Education Committee, and the Judicial Salaries and Benefits Committee, which he chaired for 8 consecutive years. As a jurist, Chief Justice Poitras boldly addressed issues relating to wrongful convictions, racism and corruption while calling attention to the need for more diversity on the Bench.

On behalf of all its members, the Council extends its condolences to the Poitras family.

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