Ottawa , January 11 2021

Canadian Judicial Council constitutes a Review Panel in the matter involving the Honourable D.E. Spiro

The Canadian Judicial Council announced today the referral of a matter involving the Honourable Justice D.E. Spiro to a Review Panel.  Under Council’s By-laws, a Judicial Conduct Review Panel may be established when it is determined that a complaint might be serious enough to warrant the removal of the judge. 

In this instance, the Honourable Associate Chief Justice Kenneth G Nielsen, Vice-Chair of the Judicial Conduct Committee has decided to constitute a Review Panel in respect of complaints filed relating to the judge’s alleged interference in the appointment of a Director of the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto. 

The Review Panel will in turn, determine whether a public inquiry committee should be constituted.  In accordance with the Council’s By-laws, the Review Panel will be composed of five persons of which three are members of Council, one is a puisne judge and one is a person who is neither a judge nor a member of the bar of a province. Panel members will be appointed in the near future.

Council takes the review of complaints about a judge’s conduct seriously and treats every complaint in accordance with its Complaints Procedures.  Information about the Council and its work to foster public confidence in the judiciary can be found on the Council’s website. 



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Director of Communications  

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