Ottawa, December 3 2015

Canadian Judicial Council concludes its Report to the Minister of Justice in the Déziel matter

Ottawa, 3 December 2015 – The Canadian Judicial Council has completed its review of Justice Deziel’s conduct and has recommended to the Minister of Justice that the judge remain in office. A total of 20 members of Council considered the matter. With three members expressing their dissent, Council presented its Report to the Minister of Justice, prepared in accordance with Council’s mandate under the Judges Act.

This case was about Mr Déziel’s participation, before he became a judge, in the unlawful financing of a municipal election. Council agreed with Justice Déziel that this past conduct was inappropriate. However, with three members dissenting, Council found that the judge’s past action, when considered against a number of factors, did not undermine public confidence in his abilities to discharge the duties of his judicial office. For this reason, Council’s recommendation to the Minister of Justice is that Justice Déziel not be removed from office.

Information about the Council and the process by which complaints about the conduct of judges are reviewed can be found on our website at

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
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