Ottawa, December 21 2015

Canadian Judicial Council announces next steps in the review of a matter involving the Honourable Robin Camp

Ottawa, 21 December 2015 – The Canadian Judicial Council announced today the referral of the matter involving Justice Robin Camp to a Review Panel. Under Council’s By-laws, a Judicial Conduct Review Panel may be established when it is determined that a complaint might be serious enough to warrant the removal of the judge. 

In this instance, the Honourable J. Michael MacDonald, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia and Chairperson of the Judicial Conduct Committee has decided to refer the matter to a Review Panel who will, in turn, determine whether a public inquiry committee should be constituted. In coming to that view, Chief Justice MacDonald carefully considered whether the allegations surrounding Justice Camp could be so manifestly and profoundly destructive of the concept of impartiality, integrity and independence of the judicial role, that public confidence would be sufficiently undermined to render the judge incapable of executing the judicial office. 

Changes enacted earlier this year to Council’s complaints procedures and By-laws provide for a greater transparency and fairness at the Review Panel stage. Of note, the Review Panel will be composed of five persons of which three are members of Council, one is judge and one is a layperson who is neither a judge nor a member of the bar of a province. Panel members will be appointed in the near future.

Council takes the review of complaints about a judge’s conduct seriously and treats every complaint in accordance with its Complaints Procedures. Information about the Council and its work to foster public confidence in the judiciary can be found on the Council’s website at

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
(613) 288-1566 ext 316