Ottawa, November 22 2013

Canadian Judicial Council announces next steps in the review of a matter involving the Honourable Michel Déziel

Ottawa, 22 November 2013 –The Canadian Judicial Council announced today that a Panel of three judges will undertake further review of the conduct of the Honourable Michel Déziel. 

Allegations surrounding the conduct of Justice Déziel were raised in the context of an ongoing Commission of Inquiry and were brought to the attention of Council in May 2013. In accordance with the Complaints Procedures of Council, these allegations were considered by the Honourable Edmond Blanchard, Vice-Chairperson of the Judicial Conduct Committee of Council. Having considered all the available information, including the judge's response to the allegations, Chief Justice Blanchard has decided that this matter would benefit from further consideration by a Panel of three judges. 

Referring a matter to a Review Panel is one of the options available to the Council as part of the early remedial stages of the complaint process. The Panel which is comprised of three judges (two Council members and one other judge) will now review the matter and will decide if the file should be closed or whether other measures should be taken. 

Council takes the review of complaints about a judge's conduct seriously and treats every complaint in accordance with its Complaints Procedures. Information about the Council and its work to foster public confidence in the judiciary can be found on the Council's website at

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
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